Portland's Guild Wars 2 Guild

About Us

Knights of the Rose City is a local, socially-oriented Portland, Oregon Guild Wars 2 guild focused on connecting gamers around the Portland area through meetups and group events. Our group is very supportive in and out of game, seeking to help guildmates achieve any goals they have for their Guild Wars 2 gaming experience. Must be 18+ years and a legal adult.

Upcoming Events

Our Code

We expect all members of Knights of the Rose City to strive to create a safe and comfortable environment for people from all walks of life to have fun and enjoy some good quality gaming. As such, we require our knights to ahere to the Guild Wars 2 code of conduct and treat all GW2ers with kindness and respect. Please keep all spoiler conversation to the spoilers channel in Discord or to PMs, and if anyone asks to have any chat moved somewhere private, please do. Cheers!

Contact Us

Join us in Discord! Link is in our guild message.

Find us on Facebook! Group name: Knights of the Rose City

Email us at knightsoftherosecity@gmail.com

Contact our guild leader in-game at fyasco.2489.